Sola Fide (Latin: by faith alone)

“Since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”. (Romans 5.1)

Cross 1

We are the Body of Christ called to be Jesus throughout our community, country and beyond. We are a United States-based ministry called to spread the gospel and message of Jesus to believers and non-believers. We are also called to share the message of the persecuted church to the American church in order to fulfill our Christian responsibility according to Hebrews 13:3. Our ministry uses scripture, biblical resources, history, digital media, and ministry content to accomplish our key objectives.

Key Objectives

  • To educate Christians concerning what the Bible has to say about God’s story of love and redemption through Jesus Christ and his teachings. We do this through our “digital” presence online, through digital media and through other ministerial activities.
  • To raise the level of awareness and education of persecuted Christians around the world
  • To present the ministry as a way to fulfill our responsibility as Christians and meet the needs of the ministry by acquiring effective prayer, information, and financial partners

At Sola Fide Digital Ministries, our ability to logically figure everything out is not the basis for our acceptability before God. Our salvation is based on what God has done for us through Jesus Christ and our faith in him. What we must be right about is the fact that we cannot be right about everything and are therefore completely dependent on God’s graciousness and mercy.

Our Team

  • David Frederick – Executive Director

David is considered by many as a Renaissance man –  an entrepreneur, business leader, innovator, historian, award-winning musician and composer, former HS football coach and passionate Christian. David is inspired by his beautiful wife Stephanie and their amazing five kids. He passionately pursues the study of the Bible and leads Sola Fide Digital Ministries to “create opportunities for people to encounter and experience God through Jesus Christ for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world.”

  • Stephanie Frederick – Director

Stephanie is David’s wife, mother of 5 amazing children, artist, professional Speech and Language Pathologist and a passionate Christian. Stephanie helps guide Sola Fide Digital Ministries in the execution of its key objectives and mission. Specifically focusing on elderly and youth ministry. Stephanie is passionate about being an advocate for children and those who are less fortunate. It is her passion to spread the word of God and help people to grow in the relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

More coming soon!


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