Some Questions For Joseph

During this season of Advent, we would like to share some short stories, scripture, poems and essays with you over the coming weeks regarding Jesus’s birth and the indescribable gift we have been blessed with should we chose to accept it. Today we are presenting excerpts from “Some Questions For Joseph” by Max Lucado. You can learn more about Max Lucado here.

Knotholes and snapshots and “I wonders”. You’ll find them in every chapter about every person. But nothing stirs so many questions as does the birth of Chris! Characters appear and disappear before we can ask them anything. The innkeeper too busy to welcome God – did he ever learn who he turned away? The shepherds – did they ever hum the song the angels sang? The wise men who followed the star – what was it like to worship an infant? And Joseph, especially Joseph. I’ve got questions for Joseph.

  • Did you and Jesus arm wrestle? Did he ever let you win?
  • Did you ever look up from your prayers and see Jesus listening?
  • How do you say “Jesus” in Egyptian?
  • What ever happened to the wise men?
  • What ever happened to you?
  • What were you thinking when Jesus was being born?
  • Did you pray?
  • Forgive me for asking but…is this how God enters the world?

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