The Genocide Of Iraq’s Christians


Help Iraqi Christians

As the world continues to burn in turmoil, Iraq’s Christians have been under unrelenting persecution. This weekend alone, one of Iraq’s largest city’s entire population of Christians was presented with a simple demand from ISIS. “Convert to Islam, leave Mosul or be killed”. Deadline this past Sunday.

We join with our friends at in urging all Christians around the world to help our brothers and sisters in Iraq and around the world. In particular, we urge you to visit: 

In Iraq, the Christian church is in danger of completely disappearing. Over the past decade it has shrunk from nearly 1.5 million to less than 200,000. Now the crisis in Syria has spilled over into Iraq and ISIS, one of the most brutal jihadist terrorist groups in the world, has taken control of much of Iraq.

ISIS has committed mass executions, set churches on fire, and is by force applying their radical interpretation of Islamic law. Thousands of Christians are among the nearly half million people who have fled from these brutal terrorists, many fleeing with little more than what they could carry.

The small churches in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq are doing their best to care for those in need. ICC is helping them to provide food and other assistance for their brothers and sisters and others in need. This includes:

  • Food packages
  • Mattresses and blankets
  • Cooking supplies and lanterns
  • Water

Please consider helping us help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.



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